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Regional Workshop and Concert

Nov. 13 and 14, 2015
Free Family Performance by Susan Reed, 
Professional Story Teller and Song Writer on Friday, Nov. 13, at 6:15 p.m.  Open to the public.

Concert  on Sat., Nov. 14, at 5 p.m.
Public invited, $5 suggested donation

Classes Friday afternoon starting at 3 p.m.
and Saturday starting at 9 a.m.
all at Heritage Center, 105 N. 100 East, Cedar City

Guest Clinicians:

Susan Reed of Boston. Nationally famous violinist, storyteller, composer and performer.  More info:

Xun Sun, internationally recognized violinist and conductor who also directs the Orchestra of Southern Utah, and directs the string program at Southern Utah University,

Music Repertoire

1."'Thank you Dr. Suzuki" for music link or contact
2."'Where Love is Deep: Sign language with Susan Reed:  Another version: (copy and paste for this link. It has the whole song starting at 3:15)  Students may sing it all or just the chorus part. Violin, viola and cello may choose to play the parts rather than singing.
3. America the Beautiful by Ward, arr. Starr
(beginners may play open G, Book 1 repeat melody in lower beginning key)
From Delightful Duets for Young Violinists - Part 1 and 2 for Violin by William Starr

Book 1: Twinkles:  Variation C in A major (Grasshopper), Variation E in D Major (Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich) and Theme in A Major
Lightly Row with harmony
Long Long, Ago with harmony
Etude with harmony

Book 2: 
Hunter’s Chorus by Weber (violin, viola, and cello are all in same key)
Two Grenadiers by Schumann, only violins

Book 3:
Gavotte by Becker (same key for violin and viola)

Book 5
Gavotte by Bach, revised edition for violin only (duet) No repeats, but do D.C.

Advanced Violin:  
On Wings of Song, by Felix Mendelssohn (Bk 4+) Youtube video:

     From Singing Violins Arranged by Doris Preucil

Hunters Chorus (same key as violin), Book 2
Gavotte by Becker (same key for violin and viola), Book 3
4th movement of Telemann Double in Book 4

Allegro, by Suzuki arr. By Adam Silverman, Book 1 fits with ensemble arrangement
Musette, by J. S. Bach, Book 2
Pachelbel Canon, arr. by Piano Guys starting at 1:08 (do not pound on your cello, Steve has a specially reinforced one for this kind of playing)

Ragtime Annie, Fairfield Fiddle Farm Vol 1,  (beginners leave out doublestops or play open D)
Advanced version has different rhythms so stick with Vol. 1 version

Perpetuoso by Brian Holmes   (quarter note at 132)

March by Prokofiev

Conducting Added to Regional Workshop

Our guest conductor will be Dr. Xun Sun, Orchestra of Southern Utah Conductor and Director of Strings and Orchestra at Southern Utah University.  He will be helping with basic conducting skills for teachers and students in addition to directing the orchestra pieces for the workshop and concert.

To register contact or complete forms below photos:

Xun Sun serves as guest conductor for the regional workshop.
Thanks to Kindal Ridd for the poster design and photo from violin group class.  We're having a great year with Suzuki Strings.
Susan Reed teaching at Bryce Canyon Workshop (photo by Wes Clarke)

Friday, Nov. 13
Regional Suzuki Strings
Workshop & Concert
Heritage Center
On Stage
Xun Sun, guest clinician

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to be ready, sit quietly and learn when it’s a piece you do not know yet.
Susan Reed, guest clinician
3 p.m.

(Some of you may need to arrange to get out of school early to be on time.)
Pachelbel Canon arr. Piano Guys
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
Allegro ensemble
Hunter’s Chorus
Melany Jeffs, piano
Violin and Viola:
Gavotte by Becker
Two Grenadiers
Hunter’s Chorus
Etude with harmony
Rimi Fletcher, pianist
4 p.m.
Thank You Dr. Suzuki
Play Where Love is Deep
Tasha Seegmiller, piano 
Violins, Violas, and Cello
Who are not in Orchestra:  
Ragtime Annie
Sing Where Love is Deep and work on sign language
Sing Thank You Dr. Suzuki
Rimi Fletcher, pianist
5 p.m.
Lightly Row with harmony
Long Long Ago with harmony
Etude with harmony
Hunter’s Chorus
Ragtime Annie
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
Beginning Class:  Twinkles (Var C in A, Var E in D, Theme in A), Lightly Row, Long Long Long Ago, (beginners may play open A if they don’t have fingers learned yet)
America (beginners open G)
Rimi Fletcher, pianist
6 p.m.
6:15 p.m.
Musical Stories and Songs with Susan Reed
This is for the students as well as the parents and will be open to the public.
(Question Time)
Everyone upstairs


Saturday, Nov. 14
On Stage Susan Reed
Downstairs Xun Sun
9 a.m.
Concerto for Two Violas, 4th mvt. by Telemann
If time, Becker Gavotte
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
Allegro ensemble
Melany Jeffs, piano
Pachelbel Canon arr. Piano Guys, work without piano
10 a.m.
Violin, Advanced
On Wings of Song
Gavotte by Bach (Bk 5) with duet
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
All Violin, Viola, and Cello who do not play Advanced Violin pieces
(Sara Penny and Alexandra Schwartz, assistants)
Lightly Row with harmony
Long Long Ago with harmony
Etude with harmony
Hunter’s Chorus
Ragtime Annie
Rimi Fletcher, piano
11:00 a.m.
11:15 a.m.
Orchestra with Xun Sun
Where Love is Deep
Thank you Dr. Suzuki
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
All Beginning Students with Susan Reed
Twinkles, Lightly Row, Long Long Ago, and America
Sing Where Love is Deep and Thank you Dr. Suzuki
Beth Stephenson, piano
Lunch Break
You may bring a lunch and eat downstairs.  Please clean up.
2:00 p.m.
Dress Rehearsal – EVERYONE
(We run all of the pieces starting with the easiest so you may have a break when we get to the pieces you don’t know. You don’t have to be in your concert clothes yet.)

5:00 p.m.
CONCERT: Dress clothes please
Invite your family and friends. 
The $5 suggested donation helps us pay the Heritage Center rental.

WORKSHOP ONLY ENTRY  FORM (just Friday and Saturday, Nov. 13 and 14, 2015)
please send it in by Oct 15, 2015 to avoid the late fee of $5.00
Fees: Twinkle Students through Allegretto  $20.00
Individual Student (Etude and above) $40.00 
SAU members:  $30.00 (taking $10.00 off the Individual Fee)
SAU (Suzuki Association of Utah) MEMBER  Yes _____ No _____
Circle instrument(s)
City_________________________ State ________Zip________
Phone_______________     Email:______________________________
Teacher_________________Teacher's Email or Phone ________________
Most Advanced Concert Piece___________________
***Make your check payable to Suzuki Strings
and fill out a separate form for each child.***
Teachers – please send in the forms as soon as you can
Mail to: 
Sara Penny, 1366 North Fairway Drive, Cedar City, UT  84721
Questions:  or 435-586-2286
which also includes REGIONAL WORKSHOP and CONCERT
starting Wed., Sept. 9, SUU Music Building
5 p.m. Rooms 206, 207 and 104
The group class fee for Suzuki Strings is due at the beginning of each semester.
$70 for one student   $80 for two students    $90 Three or more students in one family
     Suzuki Association of Utah (SAU) members have a $10 discount off the group fee.
If you would like to join SAU please contact Sara or Marin before Sept. 20.  It’s $30 per family and gives discounts to state activities plus a parent newsletter.
     Please give this slip with your group fee to your teacher, Sara Penny, or Marin Colby by the end of the 1st month of the beginning semester you have registered for -  THANKS! 

We want to make sure each child is recognized with correct spellings for programs.






Parent Name__________________________________Home Phone______________Cell #_________


CURRENT EMAIL: _________________________

Send to: 

Sara Penny, 1366 North Fairway Drive, Cedar City, UT  84721

Questions:  or Sara Penny, 435-586-2286; or Marin Colby, 435-231-2182


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