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30 Years of Suzuki Strings, Teachers Accepting Students

Learning a Musical Instrument Helps Students   (by Sara Penny, Cedar City, Utah)             Suzuki Strings celebrates 30 years of string instruction in Cedar City and wants to encourage families to consider the value of learning a musical instrument.    Sometimes children need to try more than one instrument before settling on the one that they can love for a lifetime, but in the process they learn to appreciate more possibilities in music. Some of the advantages: Listening Skills:   Being able to listen carefully is valuable not only in music performance, but also in relationships, jobs, and school.   Cooperation: Performing in an orchestra, band or choir teaches students how to work together as a team.   This experience builds community. Boosts Memory Skills:   Learning to play an instrument and performance helps develop the ability to memorize complex ideas that are valuable in other academic areas and as a life skill. Supports School Studies:   Writt