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Regional Workshop Nov. 4 and 5, 2016

Concert  on Sat., Nov. 5,  at 5 p.m. Classes Friday afternoon starting at 3 p.m. and Saturday starting at 9 a.m. all at Heritage Center, 105 N. 100 East, Cedar City Randen Heywood, Violin/Viola and Orchestra Clinician Ka-Wai Yu, Cello Clinician Kindal Ridd, Violin Clinician (photo with Suzuki Strings students at 2015 concert) Repertoire  (The more of the solo pieces memorized the more enjoyable the workshop) All Instruments:  Book 1:  Twinkles (Variation C in A Major - "grasshopper" 1/8 1/16 1/16;  Variation E in D Major with harmony - "peanut butter jelly sandwich" eight 1/16 notes;  and Twinkle Theme in A Major with harmony and obbligato O Come Little Children (with harmony), with repeat Minuet 3 (with minor part from Book 3 ) (with harmony parts) AB minor part AB, AB  (Book I does a page straight through, rest position for minor section, and repeats page) For help with new ornaments Kristen Candland share

Thanks for a Very Happy Spring Concert

33rd Annual Suzuki Strings Cedar City Spring Concert, May 12, 2016 Thanks to all of the students, teachers, pianists, and families for making this possible and the hard work and dedication it represents.  Photos from parents and teachers.  Videos thanks to Minnie Gonzalez. Video links:  Full Group Opens Concert: Twinkle Variation A and Theme Andantino by Suzuki Perpetual Motion by Suzuki Orchestra Pieces: Brandenburg Concerto #2 by Bach Entrance of Queen of Sheba from Solomon by Handel   Dance of Comedians by Smetana Star Trek Theme Viola Pieces: Courante by Bach Nina by Pergelosi Cello Pieces: The Moon Over Ruined Castle by R. Taki Adagio and Allegro by Marcello