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Newsletter Excerpts with Fall Regional Workshop Repertoire

Suzuki Strings Newsletter Excerpts           Vol. 28  No. 1            July 26, 2013 Getting Ready for a new year:   We're excited to start group classes again in Sept.  Below is the repertoire for the regional fall workshop so you can start learning the music.  We're excited to welcome nationally recognized violinist Gabriel Bolkovsky as the clinician Students in Cedar City have the workshop included in their group fees.  Other students are invited to participate in the two day workshop Nov. 1 and 2, starting Friday at 3 p.m., all day Saturday, and with a concert at 5 p.m. in the Heritage Center.  An entry form is at the end of this blog entry. For Fall 2013 – Memorize solo pieces. Remember to LISTEN to professional CDs, REVIEW all pieces weekly, and SET A PLAYING TIME for each day so practice is a habit, not a casualty of procrastination. Book 1 – Twinkles (Variation in A Major with harmony, Variation B in D Major, Theme in