Saturday, May 21, 2016

Regional Workshop Nov. 4 and 5, 2016

Concert  on Sat., Nov. 5, at 5 p.m.

Classes Friday afternoon starting at 3 p.m.
and Saturday starting at 9 a.m.
all at Heritage Center, 105 N. 100 East, Cedar City

Randen Heywood, Violin/Viola and Orchestra Clinician

Ka-Wai Yu, Cello Clinician

Kindal Ridd, Violin Clinician (photo with Suzuki Strings students at 2015 concert)

(The more of the solo pieces memorized the more enjoyable the workshop)

All Instruments: 
Book 1: Twinkles (Variation C in A Major - "grasshopper" 1/8 1/16 1/16; 
Variation E in D Major with harmony - "peanut butter jelly sandwich" eight 1/16 notes; 
and Twinkle Theme in A Major with harmony and obbligato

O Come Little Children (with harmony), with repeat

Minuet 3 (with minor part from Book 3) (with harmony parts)
AB minor part AB, AB  (Book I does a page straight through, rest position for minor section, and repeats page)
For help with new ornaments Kristen Candland shared these videos: and

Book 2: Minuet in G by Beethoven for violin, viola and cello (all in same key so they can play together)  No repeats, but take D.C. 

For Orchestra (uses music):
Jazz Rhythmico by Kirt N. Mosier, Wingert Jones Publications ( has listening link at the top when you type in the piece name)

"Entrance and March of the Guests from Tannhäuser" by Wagner, arr. Dackow Listening link: and click at right on mp3 Audio

Book 2: Waltz (with emphasis on vibrato), both repeats

Book 4: 2nd Seitz (Violin Concerto No. 5 in D Major, 1st mvt.)

Book 4 and 5: Bach Double, just violins with piano rather than orchestra

"Quando men vo" from La Bohème by Puccini 
Play Puccini: 10 Arias Transcribed for Violin & Piano Series: 
Publisher: Ricordi available from Hal Leonard and Sheet Music Plus, Music includes CD
Listening Link with soprano:

Book 1: Bohemian Folk Dance 

Book 5: Le Basque 

Book 1: Rigadoon

Book 3: Berceuse

Book 6: The Swan

Sunny Day Jig, arr. Hatch  
(play straight through and then repeat whole piece, ABAB)

from Barrage Fiddle Vol 1:
Frost is All Over
(repeat first section, then repeat second section, AABB)

On the Road to Boston  (no repeats take 2nd endings and continue to Liberty Two Step, no repeats, end with grasshopper rhythm instead of last ending)
Video is slightly different, but still useful:

Liberty Two-Step 
Video shows variations and other possibilities with other instruments, slightly different, but helpful

WORKSHOP ONLY ENTRY  FORM (just Friday and Saturday, Nov. 4 and 5, 2016)
please send it in by Oct 15, 2016 to avoid the late fee of $5.00
Fees: Twinkle Students through Allegretto  $20.00
Individual Student (Etude and above) $40.00 
SAU members:  $30.00 (taking $10.00 off the Individual Fee)
SAU (Suzuki Association of Utah) MEMBER  Yes _____ No _____
Circle instrument(s)
City_________________________ State ________Zip________
Phone_______________     Email:______________________________
Teacher_________________Teacher's Email or Phone ________________
***Make your check payable to Suzuki Strings
and fill out a separate form for each child.***
Teachers – please send in the forms as soon as you can
Mail to: 
Sara Penny, 1366 North Fairway Drive, Cedar City, UT  84721
Group classes resume at SUU on Sept. 7
This workshop is included in the group class fee.
On Saturday, Leslie Thackery is bringing materials from her "Practice Shoppe"  

Friday, Nov. 4
Regional Suzuki Strings
Workshop & Concert
Heritage Center
On Stage

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to be ready, sit quietly and listen when it’s a piece you do not know yet.
3 p.m.

(Some of you may need to arrange to get out of school early to be on time.)
Violin and Viola:
Randen Heywood, guest clinician
Quando men vo, Puccini, violin
Bach Double, violin only
Seitz #5, 1st mvt., violin only
Waltz, violin only
Le Basque, viola only
Tasha Seegmiller, pianist
Ka-Wai Yu, guest clinician
Melany Jeffs, piano
4 p.m.
Randen Heywood, guest clinician
Bohemian Folk Song
Entrance & March, Wagner
Jazz Ritmico
Tasha Seegmiller, piano 
Kindal Ridd, guest clinician
Violins, Violas, and Cello
Who are not in Orchestra:  
Bohemian Folk Song
Frost is Over
Road to Boston/Liberty
Minuet 3 with minor
Waltz, violin only
Rimi Fletcher, pianist
5 p.m.
O Come Little Children
Frost is Over
Sunny Day Jig
Road to Boston/Liberty
Minuet in G, Beethoven
Minuet 3 with minor, Bach
Tasha Seegmiller and Rimi Fletcher, piano
Beginning Class:  Twinkles in both A Major with cello/viola harmony and D Major, all on melody
O Come Little Children
Sunny Day Jig
Beth Stephenson, pianist
6 p.m.
6:15 p.m.
Nurturing Family Music Plus Practice Strategies and Parent Questions:
Clinicians help you with practice ideas and answering questions about learning an instrument (Question Time)
Everyone upstairs

Saturday, Nov. 5
On Stage Randen Heywood
Ka-Wai Yu at 9 a.m.
Kindal Ridd at 10 a.m
9 a.m.
Le Basque
Minuet in G
Bohemian Folk Song
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
Minuet in G
Melany Jeffs, piano
10 a.m.
Violin, Advanced
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
Violin and Viola:
Seitz #5, 1st mvt.
Bach Double
Quando men vo, Puccini
Tasha Seegmiller, pianist
All Violin, Viola, and Cello who do not play Advanced Violin pieces
Frost is Over
Bohemian Folk Song
Minuet 3 with minor, Bach
Road to Boston/ Liberty
Minuet in G, Beethoven
Waltz, violin only
Rimi Fletcher, piano
11:00 a.m.
11:15 a.m.
Entrance and March, Wagner
Jazz Ritmico
Tasha Seegmiller, piano
All Beginning Students
Twinkles, O Come Little Children, Sunny Day Jig
Rimi Fletcher, piano
Lunch Break
You may bring a lunch and eat downstairs.  Please clean up. Parent supervision please.
2:00 p.m.
Dress Rehearsal – EVERYONE
(We run all of the pieces starting with the easiest so you may have a break when we get to the pieces you don’t know. You don’t have to be in your concert clothes yet.)

5:00 p.m.
CONCERT: Dress clothes please
Invite your family and friends. 
The $5 suggested donation helps us pay the Heritage Center rental.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thanks for a Very Happy Spring Concert

33rd Annual Suzuki Strings Cedar City Spring Concert, May 12, 2016

Thanks to all of the students, teachers, pianists, and families for making this possible and the hard work and dedication it represents.  Photos from parents and teachers.  Videos thanks to Minnie Gonzalez.

Video links: 
Full Group Opens Concert:
Twinkle Variation A and Theme
Andantino by Suzuki
Perpetual Motion by Suzuki

Orchestra Pieces:
Brandenburg Concerto #2 by Bach
Entrance of Queen of Sheba from Solomon by Handel 
Dance of Comedians by Smetana
Star Trek Theme

Viola Pieces:
Courante by Bach
Nina by Pergelosi

Cello Pieces:
The Moon Over Ruined Castle by R. Taki
Adagio and Allegro by Marcello
Neapolitan Dance by Nino Marcello

Violin Pieces:

Vocalise by Rachmaninoff
Country Dance by Weber
Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss, Jr.
(Soprano Soloist: Rimi Fletcher)

Fiddle Pieces:
Kiss Me Waltz arr. Hall
Blackberry Blossom arr. Barrage Fiddle
Short Bow Jig by Dean Marshall

The science is in.  You make a bigger sound when you stand tall.