Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thanks to Jim Case for Spring Concert Photos

We appreciate Jim providing concert photos from the balcony so you can see each student.  Thanks again to all the students, teachers, pianists, alumni, and family for their wonderful support of Suzuki Strings.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thanks for all involved with our 30th Annual Spring Concert

It was wonderful having our current students play with students from past years.  We appreciate those who traveled from great distances to participate.  What a great musical family.  It was also fun to have the Rocky Mountain Strings perform.  We appreciate everyone's help in making this a memorable event.

Suzuki Strings and Alumni led by Chelsea Gardner

Rocky Mountain Strings from Salt Lake City

30 Years of Music Making

            Cedar City Suzuki Strings began with a small number of families working with Shannon Pointer. She studied violin teacher training in Japan with Dr. Suzuki.  Others took training offered by the Suzuki Association of the Americas, mostly at the Intermountain Suzuki Strings Institute, directed by Ramona Stirling.  Then an adjunct professor at SUU, Sara Penny, started the Music Festivals and put Suzuki Strings under the auspices of the SUU Music Department.
            Clinicians have come to Cedar City to help develop the program over the years including Terry Durbin, Phil Baldwin, Ed Sprunger, Andrew Galos, Susan Kempter, Denise Willey, and Randen Heywood.  Suzuki Strings alumni have also served as clinicians.
            Ramona Stirling, Janet Andersen, and Doralee Madsen first brought a Salt Lake group in 1989 for a joint concert.  Jack Ashton has brought his Young Artist Chamber Players many times. Our students have participated in regional, national, and international events. School orchestra programs in Beaver and Kanab developed from families participating here in Cedar City.
            Orien Dalley donated his student instrument collection to the SUU Music Dept. in 1989 which allowed us to add cello and viola to the program and develop a student orchestra.
            The program has benefited from many devoted teachers, pianists, and families over the years.  We are excited to see new students joining our musical family.
Eric Liebhardt leading Hungarian Dance #5 while standing on a chair at group class.

Dress rehearsal the day before the concert at the Heritage Center.

Warming up before the concert.

Cello teachers Leah Brown and Julie Davis.

Joining forces with Rocky Mountain Strings, Suzuki Strings, and alumni

Marin Colby leading Allegro by Fiocco during the concert warm-up

On stage and ready to start the concert.

Sara's daughter Bridget Lee surprised her by joining the cellists.  Thanks also to Jenni Rock, Brooke MacNaughtan, Leah Brown, and Julie Davis for joining with Jessica Brown and Britton Gardner on the advanced cello piece. Jeff Gardner at the piano.

Hannah Bradshaw, Joseph Arnell, Sara Penny and JenniLynne Hunt played La Basque for viola with Tracey Bradshaw at the piano.  We love when violinists add the viola.                                            

Rocky Mountain Strings played wonderful pieces.

Teachers Deborah Moench and Ramona Stirling join their students on stage.

Fiddling for the final Suzuki Strings concert piece.

It was great seeing friends from over the Suzuki Strings years.

Jon Shumate came from Tucson.

The younger Hofeling students with Sara after the concert.

Emily and Chelsea Gardner represent two generations of our Suzuki Strings family.
Suzuki Strings Group Class Teachers: Marin Colby, Julie Davis, Chelsea Gardner, Eric Liebhardt, and Sara Penny.
Suzuki Strings Group Pianists: Margarita Castro, Rimi Fletcher, Joy Miller, and Tasha Seegmiller.
Additional Private Lesson Teachers:  Leah Brown, Amanda Clarke, Nina Hansen, Christiana Hofeling, Patty Walser, and Heather Wilhelm. 
Spring 2013 Suzuki Strings Group Classes

Abby Adams, Lizy Bates, Megan Bates, Serenity Braun, Ethan Calvasina, Alissa M. Castro, Jenna Dickison, Hailey Jean Dodgion, Tobler Dotson, Olivia Dubrasky, Makayla Fife, Nisha Fletcher, Emily Gardner, Kailey Gilbert, Jocelyn Green, Hannah Green, Ashley Hall, Brianna Hall, Carissa Hofeling, Caroline Hofeling, Samantha Hunt, Lincoln Miller, Merica Miller, Quincy Miller, Joseph Morse, Ellie Seegmiller, Saydee Sherratt, Caleb Simmerman, Annie Stein, Laura Stephenson, Sage Stonely, David Sun, Sarah Sun

Ellie Seegmiller, Madeline Simmerman

Jessica Brown, Britton Gardner, Ethan Johnson, Catie Seegmiller

Suzuki Strings is under the auspices of the Southern Utah University Music Department.

Special thanks to support from the Sterling and Shelli Gardner Foundation and the Suzuki Association of Utah.

Some of the instruments used in our program are from the Orien Dalley Collection administered by the SUU Music Department.