Sunday, October 20, 2013

Regional Workshop Schedule

We're excited to welcome students from throughout Southern Utah and Las Vegas to Cedar City for our Regional Suzuki Strings Workshop at Heritage Center, 105 North 100 East
Friday, Nov. 1
Regional Suzuki Strings
Workshop & Concert
Heritage Center
On Stage
Gabriel Bolkosky, guest clinician

3 p.m.
Violin and Viola: Two Puccini arias, Seitz #3 for violin; Mozart Minuet and Bohemian Folk Song for viola (violins take a short break)
Cello:  Rigadoon: Long, Long Ago, Lightly Row, and harmony for Allegro, Perpetual Motion, Twinkle, Blue Bells, Kanon, and Devil’s Dream
Vivaldi Double Concerto,

Nina Hansen, teacher
Beth or Jessie Stephenson, piano
4 p.m.
Orchestra: Polka and Concerto in G minor for Two Celli
Beginning Class:  Twinkles (Var A in A, Var B in D, Theme in A), Lightly Row (start on A, no harmony), Kanon, Blue Bells, Allegro, Perpetual Motion

Kirsten Candland. teacher
Rimi Fletcher, pianist
5 p.m.
Orchestra: Blue Bells, Kanon, Lightly Row (start on A, no harmony), Twinkles (Var A in A, Var B in D, Theme in A), Allegro, Perpetual Motion, Devil’s Dream, Rigadoon,
(beginners may play the pieces they know with the orchestra)
Intermediate Violins:  Two Grenadiers, Devil’s Dream, and Humoresque with Swanee harmony

Kirsten Candland, teacher
Rimi Fletcher, pianist
6 p.m.

Dinner Break

Dinner Break

7:15 p.m.
Parent & Teacher Meeting with Gabe:
Practice Strategies and Your Questions on Helping Your Students Succeed
Children may bring quiet toys or activities for downstairs.  Older students please help with younger students.

Saturday, Nov. 2
On Stage
Gabriel Bolkosky, guest clinician
9 a.m.
Beginning Class: Twinkles (Var A in A, Var B in D, Theme in A), Lightly Row, Blue Bells and Kanon (Everyone plays these pieces for the concert.   Use open D if you don’t know the fingers yet.)
(Rimi Fletcher, pianist)
Viola:  Bohemian Folk Song, Mozart Minuet, Rigadoon, and harmony parts for other pieces as time allows.
(Kirsten Candland
Tasha Seegmiller, piano)
9:30 a.m.
All Violins: 
Twinkles, Lightly Row, Blue Bells, Kanon, Allegro, Perpetual Motion, Devil’s Dream, Two Grenadiers, and Humoresque with Swanee Duet
(Tasha Seegmiller, piano)

(beginning students may go to SUU for Arts Unwrapped after they have played the pieces they know.  Description in column to right at 10:30 a.m.)

Viola and Cello: Harmony Parts for Perpetual Motion, Allegro, Blue Bells, Kanon, and Devil’s Dream + Rigadoon, Lightly Row.
(Nina Hansen,
Beth or Jessie Stephenson, piano)
10:30 a.m.
Polka, Double cello concerto in g minor,
other pieces as time allows

(Tasha Seegmiller, piano)

Beginning students are encouraged to attend Arts Unwrapped at 10:30 a.m. at the SUU South Hall, directly east of the SUU Music Building,

200 S. Dewey Ave (about 350 West, parking lot here, go across street past Nellie statue and to right)

Free family event featuring youngsters and parents learning movement from guest artist Monica Gomez Rogerson with percussionist Lynn Vartan.

11:30 a.m.
Violins: Two Puccini arias, and 3rd Seitz
(Tasha Seegmiller, piano)

Lunch Break
You may bring a lunch and eat downstairs.  Please clean up.
Dress Rehearsal – EVERYONE
(We run all of the pieces starting with the easiest so you may have a break when we get to the pieces you don’t know. You don’t have to be in your concert clothes yet.)

CONCERT: Dress clothes please
Invite your family and friends. 
The $5 suggested donation helps us pay the Heritage Center rental.

Thanks to everyone for the months of preparation that this workshop and concert represents. 
Children may sit with their families and come on stage for the pieces they know.  Older students may enter from backstage, but remember to be absolutely quiet backstage.

Questions?  Sara Penny at or 435-586-2286