If my child hasn't learned Suzuki, can they still come? 

Yes! While we use the Suzuki books as our primary resource for music and the teaching methods strongly reflect those of this form of study, we highly encourage students at every level to come. We can help you find the best level.

Our program is oriented to developing the full musician, which includes both solo and ensemble experience.

Can we do only the workshop?

Yes, many out of town students participate in the regional workshop.  Entry form is at the bottom of workshop posts.

What is the cost of the group classes?

  • $80 for one student   
  • $90 for two students    
  • $100 3 or more students 
The group class fee for Suzuki Strings is due at the beginning of each semester.

Who do I make my check out to? 

Please make checks payable to Suzuki Strings.

***Suzuki Association of Utah (SAU) members have a $10 discount off the group fee.***

What is SAU?

Suzuki Association of Utah which also sponsors annual graduation recitals, workshops, and other events.  http://suzukimusicutah.org/

How do I join SAU?

If you would like to join SAU, please contact Sara or Marin before Sept. 25.  It’s $30 per family and gives discounts to state activities plus a parent newsletter.

 Should my student participate in school orchestra as well as Suzuki ensembles?

Absolutely.  We work to support our school and community orchestras.  The more experience the better for the students.

Where can I get more information? 


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